What are the requirements to take a Training Class?

You must be 18 year of age or older to take one of our training classes.

Some of the classes have more conditions, which you can view under the individual class on the Classes Page.

Where do I take the classes?

Most of our classes are offered at our three main locations in Ohio: Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.

However, we are not opposed to traveling to you to teach the classes a your location. Some classes even require it.

Most of our classes can also be conducted at your business, using your equipment. Minimum class sizes apply. Pricing based on class size and your location.

To inquire about training at your location, view this page.

What is the pricing of your classes?

Our classes are priced as such (per student):

Lift Truck Operator Safety Course: $128

How to Drive a Lift Truck: $189

Trainer Qualification Course: $356

Re-certification Course: $90

Lift Operator Safety: $120

Lift Truck Operator Safety Course (At Your Business): $114

Re-certification Course (At Your Business): $75

Operator Safety – Yard & Tractor Terminal Tractors (At Your Business): $139

Scissor Lift Operator Safety Course (At Your Business): $98

How often do I need to take these classes to stay certified?

Our courses keep you certified for 3-4 years depending on the course. We also have re-certification courses available to keep you up on your certifications. Below we break down how long each class lasts:

3 Years:

  • Lift Truck Operator Safety Course
  • Re-certification Course
  • Lift Truck Operator Safety Course (At Your Business)
  • Re-certification Course (At Your Business)

4 Years:

  • Scissor Lift Operator Safety


  • How to Drive a Lift Truck –
  • Trainer Qualification Course – For Life
  • Operator Safety – Yard & Tractor Terminal Tractors (At Your Business) –

How do I get off of restriction?

If a company put you through the course, they have to re-evaluate you on the type truck you will be operating on. The company will need to send us 4 items on a company letter head.

  1. The person’s name that was evaluated and on what type of truck.
  2. The person’s name that conducted the driving evaluation.
  3. The date of the driving evaluation.
  4. The date of the safety training.

We will send you a non-restricted card back to your company with the proper information on it.

Are your classes at OSHA standards?

All of our instructors are OSHA certified and all of our classes meet OSHA standards.

I have more questions on specific classes. What do I do?

If you have specific class questions please visit our classes page here.

Have any more questions? Contact us and we will get you answers!