Chuck McConnell

Operator Training

After leaving the Navy after 10 years of services, Chuck McConnell worked as an over the road driver for 6 years before becoming a truck driver for Towlift’s rental department in 1991.  In his 26 years driving over the road, he has racked up over two million miles accident free and learned to operate just about all types of material handling equipment.  He has been a member of The Forklift Training Department for just over eight years and serves as their lead instructor for operator safety.  Last year, he presented over 137 classes in lift truck operator safety, Chuck conducts the Trainer Qualification course, Formal training, How to Drive, Recertification, Scissor lift and Boom Operator Safety, Rough Terrain and Yard spotter safety courses. Chuck has additionally, been instrumental in developing classes for students of area Community Career Centers, and for the Job Corp.  His unique style of presentation and rapport with his students has earned him the reputation of being one of the best in the business.


GEHL Train the Trainer for Rough-Terrain Forklift Operators

NSC (National Safety Council) Train the Trainer Course

BWC Train the Trainer Course

BWC First Aid

Alliance Tractor/Trailer Training Course

Certified Boiler Technician